Thursday, October 15, 2009

My celebs

So far I know of two celebrities who are running the NYC marathon - Ed Norton and Anthony Michael Hall. I wrote about Ed in a previous blog. Anthony I read about in Runner's World magazine. He's the actor who played Goose in Top Gun, Tom Cruise's sidekick who doesn't survive, aka "Dead Meat". He also plays a doctor on the TV show House. When House was a really big show (not sure if it is currently still on the air or not), Anthony ran the Chicago marathon, but had to run under an assumed name so he wasn't bothered by crazed fans. This time, Anthony said, House isn't that big a deal so he doesn't mind being identified. I bet there are other celebs running NYC with me but they are running under assumed names. Like Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise's wife) two years ago, after they finish they'll unmask themseleves to the public and their adoring fans.
You know what? I don't really care if there are any celebrities running my race. What impresses me are the athletes who are running, be they the professional world class athletes or hobbyists like me who might have an interesting story to tell about how they got to be able to run the world's largest marathon. Those are the stories that should be published in People magazines - real life adventure stories.

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