Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cowboy up and play hurt

My leg still hurts. I was injured on August 2, and yep, it still hurts. My doctor said it should hurt until March. That's how long it will take until I am fully recovered. But I made a commitment to run this race on Nov. 1 and I will do it. I signed on as a charity runner and I will fulfill my commitment.

I am fortunate that now I can run, albeit slower. So I am not going to set any world records, or even a PR, on November 1 in NYC. But I am going to try to run the whole race if I can, and if I must walk, walk as little as possible. If I have to walk the whole race, so be it, and I'll just cross the finish line at sunset and then walk to the restaurant where everyone else is waiting for me. I just hope they save some appetizers!

I know a doctor who went to work sick, because he had dozens of patients who were waiting for him. At one point during the day he was so sick that he had to excuse himself, go upstairs to another floor of the hospital, get IV fluids pumped into him, then went back downstairs to work. He made a commitment to see his patients and he fulfilled that commitment.

I know a lawyer who had major emergency abdominal surgery. Less than 2 months later, when she still could only eat small portions of food and couldn't even sit up straight for long periods of time, she took the Professional Responsiblity portion of the Bar Exam, a one day test. She took it sitting in a slanted position, not in the best of health, but she took and and passed

Sometimes life doesn't give you optimum conditions, but you don't quit. You cowboy up and play hurt. You just do it and get it over with.

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