Monday, October 26, 2009

Back on Track

When I lived in Philadelphia, one morning I took the train from Center City into the suburbs for a meeting. As I waited on the track for the train, I realized I was one of maybe a half dozen people waiting. When the train from the suburbs arrived, hundreds of people got off the train, and we few urbanites got on.
I realized I was off track. Most people take the train from the suburbs to the city in the morning, then reverse the proecess in the evening. But I was young and recently out of school, so I was living in the city. The suburbs could wait.
When I got injured, I felt like I was off track again. When I was finally allowed to start running again, it was more like a run/walk, and after a few days I was up to 18 minutes. That same day, my fellow Fred's Team runners were running 18 miles.
But I stayed the course and kept on going. Finally, by last week I caught up to Fred's Team. I ran 13.1 miles on Friday with no problems. This week I am tapering the exact amount as everyone on my team. I am back on track. New York City, I am ready for you!

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