Monday, February 21, 2011

The Times They Are A Changin'

On Wednesday the organizers of the Boston Marathon announced not only new qualifying times for each age group but a new method for registration. The new qualifying times are 5 minutes and 59 seconds faster for each age group. And registration will take place in waves, with the runners who qualified 20 minutes or faster earlier than their qualifying time on day 1, then on day 3 runners who qualified 10 minutes or faster, then on day 5 runners who met the standard can register, and registration will continue until the race fills up.

Well, something had to be done. This year, as described one of my earlier posts, the Boston Marathon filled up on day 1 in 8 hours and 3 minutes (sounds almost like a qualifying time, one that certainly wouldn't qualify a runner for Boston!) Last year it had closed out in 2 and a half months. So a runner had to not only qualify by speed to get to run Boston but had to register on day 1 in eight hours and 3 minutes and have run a qualifying race prior to October 18, 2010, the day registration opened.

I wish that everyone who qualified could have gotten a spot. And my heart goes out to those who did but couldn't register in time, as well as future runners who may qualify even on these stricter standards, but not 20 or 10 minutes faster than the stricter standards. They may not be able to say they've run the Boston Marathon.

Me? I feel lucky that I qualified, and lucky that I got to register on day 1. Those 2 and 1/2 hours I spent on the computer were worth every second of my time!

I will cherish every minute while I am running Boston. I can't wait!!!