Thursday, October 29, 2009

Attention WalMart shoppers!

Today I went clothes shopping at an unusual place for me: WalMart. I went there to get warm sweat pants and tops and jacket and hat and gloves... it's all for the almost 5 hours when I leave my hotel on Sunday morning until I actually start running. The temperature should be about 50 degrees but that 's a bit cooler than the near 90 degrees it's been here in Florida so I need to do what I can do to acclimate. I read a study that said that 50 degrees is the perfect temperature to run a marathon since at 50 degrees, the body doesn't have to expend any extra energy to cool down or warm up. If that's the case, looks like it will be perfect marathon weather!

I also had my last run today. It was wonderful - a five mile run in Wickham Park right before sunset. Everyone from the running camp was wishing me good luck in the NYC marathon. One woman had already run NYC and told me it was fantastic; one man said NYC was on his list.

So all the work is done. No more training. It's just going to be me and the streets of NYC - and 40,000 of my friends! Counting down...

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