Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Music to my ears

I love running. I love just about everything about it - the more I run, the stronger I get, just being outside for hours and feeling like a kid again, playing around, the competition at races, the camaraderie at running camp. But - it does get a bit lonely. When I am actually running, I need to be by myself, since no one else runs exactly my pace at the time I choose to run.

But Larry solved the loneliness problem for me. He bought me an I Pod, which he loaded with over 2.000 songs. I choose "shuffle" as my option, which means one minute I am running to country music, the next to Broadway show tunes, later to rock and roll or blues or African music or opera or classical or pop... The songs don't stop so why should I?

Now I look forward to my long runs, just wondering what song I will hear next. Hearing "New York, New York" right after I learned I got in to the NYC Marathon was cool. Running at sunrise on Tropical Trail while Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" plays in my ears is inspiring. And when I hear "Friends in Low Places" or the Ohio State Marching Band or Cirque de Soleil or any one of the other hundreds of songs on my I Pod, how can I not help but think of Larry who has helped me with my running in so many ways?

When I run the NYC marathon on Sunday, I won't have my I Pod. It's highly discouraged. And, there are over 130 bands on the course, so I won't be lacking for music. But I bet there will be many songs that in some way will remind me of Larry...

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